Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - Taylor Swift

Hey all, 

So over the past like. . . Month or so, probably two or three months to be honest :P, I have been going through this huge Taylor Swift thing. I had been meaning to get all of her songs on my iPod for ages, and when I finally got around to doing it I just went through this huge thing with all of her songs. As I had never heard most of her songs before and I loved most of them I had this whole playlist for just Taylor Swift songs that I listened to for ages *^^* Because I am a cool Book Nerd like that :D 

Anyway, now that we have the back ground story established on to the actual point of my ranting post. I couldn't find some of the songs that were on her albums when I first did this whole downloading thing a few months back and I have just been listening to a bunch of them on Youtube. I just came across this song called Mary's Song (Oh My My My), you guys might have heard it before. I hadn't, I know that's kind of weird because of how much I obviously love her and it's from her first album and all. But her songs didn't actually come over to Australia until her second album Fearless

But yes, this song. It is amazing to me! It is the story of best friends that grow up together and fall in love! It is so adorable!! I absolutely love it. For me the story of best friends that grow up their entire lives together and fall in love is like the best love story ever! I know it's probably a little cliched, but I don't care. It's what gets me all warm and fuzzy inside *^^* So I love it. My love of Taylor Swift paired with my love of the "best friends falling in love and living happily ever after" story are going to make it my current favourite song. 

Well, I am done ranting about how much I love it now :) As you can probably see I am a huge Taylor Swift love at the moment. I officially have 48 of her songs on my iPod. And I love 98% of them :D I have only heard this new favourite song of mine only once. So I will leave this rant her and go and listen to it again. LOVE IT!! 

Jammie the Book Nerd 

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