About Me

I am currently 19 years old, living on the Gold Coast (Aussie blogger :D Yay), and studying a Bachelor of Marine Science at Griffith University. 

I love all things music and reading, I read mostly YA in just about any genre. I started my blog because I love having my opinion heard and have always wanted to write reviews for books. 

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, a Whovian (I love Doctor Who for those of you that don't know what that means), and am pretty much an all round nerd. I love pokemon games, animes (although I don't watch very many, working on it), Ben 10 and pretty much cartoons in general. My current developing obsession is Bleach :D 

If you are interested I have a goodreads account and a twitter

And my e-mail address is: smile_jammie(at)live(dot)com(dot)au

P.s. My picture is me at my grade 12 formal :) I love my dress. Green is my favourite colour :D