Thursday, 25 August 2011

How did you find me?

Hey guys, 

So how are my reviews going? Hope I'm not an epic fail at this :P Oh well, I don't mind if I am, I just enjoy writing them :) Well, I hope you's are enjoying them though. I would hate to have 13 (!!) followers now and be disappointing all of you :D Haha. 

So, I was just thinking about how awsome it is when you find a really good new blog. And then I got onto thinking how you guys found me. So, purely out of curiosity, I was wondering if you would leave me a comment and let me know how you found my blog :) A few of you guys I know, but there are quite a few that I don't. 

Hope to hear from you :) I am off to write my review of Bloodlines now. Will post shortly. 

Jammie the Book Nerd 

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