Sunday, 13 May 2012

Trending #TheGoldenLily on Twitter

Hey guys :D 

So, are any of you fans of Richelle Mead's series Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series? Well, if you are, you would know that the latest book in the Bloodlines series The Golden Lily is coming out in a month, June 12th to be exact :D Yay, so excited! Cannot wait. What are you most looking forward to in it? I am personally looking forward to Adrian, and I have also heard that The Golden Lily is full of romance, so here's to hoping we get some Adrian and Sydney, or Sydrian as they have adopted :)

Isn't the cover just gorgeous? I also stuck the cover for the first book, Bloodlines, down there, because I love that one too. If you have not read Bloodlines, but love Vampire Academy, I would highly recommend checking it out in preparation for The Golden Lily. Or if you haven't read Vampire Academy you should check them out! I know, I know. Another vampire book, but they seriously rock!

Anyway, back to the whole point of this post, @VampireAcademyAus (the link will take you to their twitter page) over on twitter are trying to get together as many fans as possible to try and trend #TheGoldenLily, so if you are a fan, or are just interested in helping out, then you can head on over and sign the twitition they have set up here. And spreading the word through blogging, twitter, tumblr what ever is your forte will be greatly appreciated I'm sure. So help them get the troops together and lets get #TheGoldenLily trending on June 12th :D 

We can totally do this! 

Jammie the Book Nerd

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