Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Book Boyfriend #2: Patch Cipriano

My book Boyfriend is a Weekly Meme that is hosted by Missie over at The Unread Reader, where bloggers get together and post all about their literary crush of the week :) Including stats and quotes from or about him that you love. If you're interested check out the intro post at The Unread Reader

Sorry that I haven't posted much lately, and that I haven't done any more book boyfriend's since my first one. Been really busy with my studies at the moment. 


Nora describes Patch with "Long, lean muscles down his arms, broad but relaxed shoulders, and a smile that was part playful, part seductive." 

Patch has black eyes and black hair. "He was a dark-Levi's-dark-henley-dark-boots kind of guy."

"You smell good too," said Patch. 
"It's called a shower. . . Soap. Shampoo. Hot water." 
"Naked. I know the drill." 
- Patch and Nora, Hush Hush. Page 63

"Do you want to posses my body?" 
"I want to do a lot of things to your body, but that's not one of them." 
- Patch and Nora, Hush Hush. Page 313

"All this time I've hated myself for it. I thought I'd given it up for nothing . . . But if I hadn't fallen, I wouldn't have met you." 
- Patch, Hush Hush. Page 338

"First, Hank can't see us together. Second, I don't like the idea of dragging you into something that could get messy fast. If you need one more reason, I love you. This is uncharted territory for me, but I need to know that at the end of the night, I have you to come home to." 
- Patch, Silence. Page 379

Hope you like Patch :P I will write and post my review of Silence as soon as I can get some time. 

Jammie the Book Nerd 


  1. Patch is a popular choice, and with good reason. Thanks for sharing a quote from Silence. Haven't read it yet. :)

  2. Yeah, I love Patch :D I liked Silence. I was a hoping that the quote wasn't too spoilery.