Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mini Reviews: Wavelength and Falling For Hamlet

Wavelength by A.J. Betts 


Wavelength is a simple story about a normal boy who is just trying to study and get through his exams. Very relatable for high school students. Stress about grades and (for me in QLD) OP's and getting into the university that you want. I can can still relate to the pressure Oliver is under for exams being in university now. 
Oliver is a very relatable character for anyone in high school and even university students coming up to their exams. It's a story about life. It's long. Don't stress unnecessarily about your future. Just take things as they come. All in all it was a very easy and relatable read, I enjoyed it. 

Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray 


Falling for Hamlet is a contemporary of Shakespeare's Hamlet where Ophelia doesn't die, but lives to tell the tale of what really happened to the royal family. As I haven't actually seen or read Hamlet I can't make much of a comparison to how the author has captured the characters or the story. I am not a very big Shakespeare fan but I really enjoyed this book and I think that it will definitely broaden some readers interest to more of the classics, like Shakespeare. I am going to rent out the movie and read the play and then I will post a proper comparison of the story and the characters. I liked this book, and would definitely recommend it. 

Jammie the Book Nerd

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