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Passion by Lauren Kate

So today I thought that I would do my very first book review type post. Sorry if it's really bad, this is my first time doing anything like this. Tell me what you's think :)

So first off, a short recap on what has happened in the first two books in the Fallen series: 

The Journey of Luce and Daniel begins in Fallen by Lauren Kate. Luce meets Daniel at her new school, and instantly feels a connection to him, she feels as though she has met him before, as though they have a history. Luce discovers some unsettling things about herself and also about some of her other class mates at Sword and Cross.

In Torment the sequel to Fallen, Daniel sends Luce away to another new school for her own protection, but also in the hopes that she will be able to uncover some of the secrets of her and Daniels’s pasts. Luce makes a few good friends who help her learn more about the shadows that have haunted her, her entire life.

Passion is the next book in the Fallen series. It follows Luce as she travels through her past and meets previous incarnations of herself in an effort to learn more about the love between her and Daniel and try to break to the curse that was put on them. In Passion we also get to see some of Daniel’s side of the story, we are following Luce through her past, but also Daniel as he tries to catch up with her but always seems to be one step behind her. 

When I first read Fallen I didn't really like it, I had very high expectations of it and it just didn't meet those. But the second time around I really enjoyed it. For me the Fallen series are like fantastic, but they are still pretty good books. 
To begin with in the series I really didn't like Daniel, I think that he annoyed me because he wouldn't give Luce any answers and we didn't really know anything about him. I know he couldn't tell Luce anything, but it was annoying none the less. 
Throughout Passion we get to read from Daniel's point of view (POV) as well as Luce's, the chapters alternated between the two. I personally really enjoy books that have the POV of both the female and male leading characters. You get to see inside both of their heads, get to know them better. And for me, that is exactly what happened. I am much more fond of Daniel now, having read Passion, we really got to know him more, see what he has been through over the thousands of years that his and Luce's love has been cursed. You really get to see the extent of Daniel's love for Luce. 
So all in all I really enjoyed Passion, and we finally got some answers! :) 

 Sorry about this pictures being put all down in a row, I couldn't figure out how to get them lined up next to each other, if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

So I LOVE the covers of Fallen and Torment, they are some of my all time favourite book covers. They are just absolutely gorgeous!
Because of how much I loved the covers of Fallen and Torment I was really looking forward to seeing the cover of Passion. When it was revealed I was really disappointed.

The picture just doesn't work for me. In Fallen and Torment the model has gorgeous dresses on and their hair is beautiful and their poses look 


On the cover of Passion the dress doesn't seem to fit the model properly, when you look closely you can see that it digs into her arm pits and it sits too high on her chest. I also don't like the way that her hair sits across her face. It look's very unnatural to me. The way the hair sits and the dress doesn't fit makes the position that that the model is holding very awkward and uncomfortable looking.

So I was a little disappointed with this cover, but the first two are favourite's of mine. Absolutely beautiful.

So let me know what you thought about my first attempt at a review. In future if I do more they won't be as long as this one as I won't go on about all of the books in the series and their covers. For me Fallen just seems to be one of those series that you have to re-read the series before you read the new one, maybe it's just me.
Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed and that I did well :P Let me know what you thought.

Jammie the Book Nerd

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