Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My Book Boyfriend #1: Will Trombal

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly Meme that is hosted by Missie over at The Unread Reader, where bloggers get together and post all about their literary crush of the week :) Including stats and quotes from or about him that you love. If you're interested check out the intro post at The Unread Reader

So I know that this is a weekly Meme, but I probably won't be able to post it weekly, I will try as hard as I can. But Uni is getting into the exam periods at the moment so I am not having a lot of time for blogging. But anyway, onto my very first My Book Boyfriend post :) 

So for my first My Book Boyfriend I have decided on Will Trombal from Saving Francesca. 

"He has a strange face. It's all sharpness and angles and incredibly fair skin. But then he's got this thatch of black hair that's such a contrast. It's like two cultures has a massive fight over his face and neither one."
  • Possibly half Italian 
  • Voice has been described as the voice of a sex god
  • He has a small scar between his eyes 
"I can't get the Will Trombal kiss out of my mind. No. "kiss" is not the word to describe it. The Will Trombal experience. The Will Trombal extravaganza." 

"'I'm sorry,' he says, 'for that time I kissed you at the party and for that time at the wedding and more than anything for the thousand times that I wanted to and didn't have the guts to." 

"'Kind of interested in you,' he laughs, as if he can't believe what he's hearing. 'I'm kind of interested in calculus and Ancient Roman warfare. You don't use words kind of interested to describe how I feel about you.'" 

"'We haven't even started going out together and you're thinking of breaking up.' 
'But that's it. When I think of you, I think future stuff. I think of this is it and I'm not supposed to think this is it at my age. I don't look at you and think nice. I look at you and think, oh my God, I want to hold her and never let her go. I think sex-right here, right now-'" 

Just writing the quotes out is making me swoon. Don't you just love him already? 

So what do you think of Will Trombal? Have you read Saving Francesca? 

Jammie the Book Nerd 


  1. The Will Trombal experience!!!

    YES! Jammie, Will Trombal was my first Book Boyfriend. I love this post, and those quotes totally reminded me of why I swooned over him even though he could be a real a$$! LOL

    Thanks for participating this wee!

  2. I read Saving Francesca a few years ago and remember loving Will. I want to reread it again soon for the Will Trombal Extravanganza all over again :D

  3. " I think sex-right here, right now-'" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't read this! But I really want to!

  4. You should definitely read it :) If you have read any of her other books and loved them, them you won't be disappointed. I have read three of her books and I would give all of them 5/5 :)

    I have been wanting to do it for a while. But I had to find someone good to do for my first :) I hope to do it heaps more in the future :)